Barnsley Disappointed With Championship Relegation

Danny Wilson and his players of the Barnsley Football Club are preparing themselves for the League One as they were relegated from the Championship League.

The English coach is expected to make a series of huge changes in the squad as he wants the club to regain their position of last year and earn a promotion spot into the higher tier league where they once played in.

Barnsley spent 8 seasons playing in the Championship League but after being relegated, they will have to fight just to earn their place back into the 2nd tier English league. Danny Wilson stated that the squad will suffer an overhaul as it is what needs to be done before the start of the upcoming season.

“If we are going to bounce back we have to be strong, and we have to make sure we are looking forward straight away. Yes it will take some getting over but we have to do it quickly. The directors will want us to bounce back as quick as we can and everybody will work towards that’.

“A clear-out might not be the right word, but there will certainly be some fresh faces and one or two players will leave, that goes without saying. We have to make sure when we come back for the first kick-off in August that we have got a bright and enthusiastic group of players that are determined to bounce back straight away’’.

Barnsley started off their season by undergoing a 4-0 defeat against Wigan Athletic in their home stadium at Oakwell and concluded the campaign in just about the same fashion as they hosted Queen Park Rangers and failed on securing a victory.