24 replies on “Barnsley fc”

  1. Ljudi,mozda se vidimo ove sezone u vasem klubu… Dobio sam ponudu da igram за овај клуб. Ја сам из Србије,играм на poziciji levog штопера.
    Nikola Spasojevic

  2. am a red fan to make no wonder barnsley get called chavs and that the main songs are mcs and that lmao !

  3. you are my barnsley you aree my barnsley you make me appy wen skys are grey you are my barnsley you aree my barnsley dont you take my barnsley away lol i love you bansley xxx we all du ya stupid dee darrss

  4. PRESTONandPROUD if we r nt the best team in world why did we beat u 4-1 utha day

  5. LOL
    if you think barnsley are the best team in the world you have serious problems!


  6. i kno who cares bout dundee hahaha i said dundee united, fuck dundee there shite hahaha

  7. errmmmm … it wos only 0-1 actually n noel hunt dint get a hatrick ,,btw hus cares about dundee barnsley is all us true fans care about =]….barnsley til i die…gud vid =]

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