Danny Wilson wanted to continue with Barnsley

“I expect to be here next season. The board has backed me long term and I am delighted about that. It may take time but I promise we will get there. I am very much looking forward to the long term plan but we have a job to do this season first.”

That was a statement which was released by Barnsley’s Danny Wilson during the last season as the English coach voiced his desire to continue being in charge of Barnsley even if they get relegated from the Championship League and that’s exactly what happened as Barnsley FC was dropped to the English League One after having fell to the bottom zone.

Barnsley is now competing in the English League One but it will be a tough journey for them to try and avoid getting relegated once again.

The English League One still has more than 20 matches left to be played which makes it too difficult to determine which clubs is going to be relegated as anything can happen before the last league match is played but so far Barnsley has recently been struggling trying to collect positive results after having lost 2-1 against Chesterfield on November 22nd and from there on out it has been a string of draws and defeats.

It remains unsure if Danny Wilson would want to continue being in charge of Barnsley if they go through another consecutive relegation finish in a league.

This is the 2nd coaching spell of Danny Wilson at Barnsley as he used to coach the English team back in 1994 until 1998 and after David Flitcroft was sacked, Wilson made his return and this shows just how much trust the head authorities of Barnsley have towards Danny Wilson but if it remains unsure if they would want to have him continue being in charge of the team if the team goes through their 2nd successive relegation.