25 replies on “Football Hooligans – Cardiff v Barnsley – 2003”

  1. loves it how everone stops when that lad goes down then soon as his mates get him up they have another go, cracking

  2. @kidkush7044 sorry man but where have russia been for the past 40 years. nowhere. we are the legend’s. Where what your firm’s pride themselve’s on. In england we get 3years for throwing punche’s at football. In russia you get a 50p fine. we have played russia and fuck all happened. When russia come to england looking for it i’l rate them as a decent mob. until then fuck off

  3. Fairplay to barnsley for giving it a go but they would have got the kicking of a lifetime but you did more than millwall, westham and the “supossidly” tougher mobs??.I went to this and remember it well, i think the police handed out jail sentences to a few barnsley in the later months..

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  9. cant say i go in for this stuff but there funny to watch,you know out of all these hooligans and there must be 1000s of them theres prob a few 100 or less that actually fight,the rest seem to either throw things or compete in impressions of irate babboons on heat,its true come admit it.

  10. who cant play football or fight one on one grow up you clowns ! there lads who enjoy a beer together love football and enjoy a do if owt comeson a match day with like minded ppl !

  11. @mikeoneuk

    thats the south wales police for you, best for policing football games in the country by a mile

  12. Police stood there ground well, hard as fuk! Fuckin hooligans, one on one are always soft as shit!

  13. if you barnsley boys think you have done well by watching this video then think again… that was poor

  14. us Barnsley boizz will kil the leeds scum when they come tu our ground !!!!!!!!!!

  15. haha if they got that railing they wud have got through i rekon i dont blame em backing away from coshes if u been twated with one of them you know about it

  16. Barnsley 5 0…. who the fuck are you?

    try… ‘ leeds service crew’
    small town club

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