O’Grady looking down in Brighton

Chris O’Grady is a 28 year old forward who is currently performing with Brighton & Albion FC but he has made less than 6 league appearances for the Championship club in this season. The English attacker has failed on making an impact with the club that he joined on July of the current year.

This is the complete opposite of how things were going for Chris O’Grady in the previous season with Barnsley where he managed on scoring 15 league goals and made over 35 appearances.

There is no doubt that Chris played a huge role in the team of Barnsley in the last campaign which is why it came as a surprise to many fans when they heard the news of the 28 year old forward being sold to Brighton & Albion on an undisclosed fee but it’s rumored to be around in the region of €500,000.

The coach of Barnsley, Danny Wilson told the media that if Chris O’Grady continues not playing an important role in Brighton & Albion, and if the club is interested in selling him that Barnsley would be ready to launch an offer for Chris as they would be pleased to have him back in the team.

“We didn’t want Chris to go in the first place so if he was available then we would ask the question. But as far as I know he is still a Brighton player and will remain there. We wouldn’t be the only club asking about him if he were available.” Barnsley’s head coach, Danny Wilson said.

The manager of Brighton & Albion, Sami Hyypia responded by saying that he does not have any intentions of selling Chris O’Grady anytime soon and even though the English forward is spending the majority of the time on the sidelines of the squad, he can still turn into a more important figure in the near future.