Barnsley have been struggling for results in the Championship this season. Hence, they are just one place above the bottom of the table. It did not get any better for Barnsley and David Flitcroft after the recent match against Millwall. Defender Scott Wiseman managed to put the ball back into his own net to give Millwall all three points. This was the least that Flitcroft wanted ahead of the match, but he refused to blame the defender after the encounter.

There was only 13 minutes remaining on the clock when the own goal happened. The victory for Millwall was their first in the last seven matches and it helped them to open a sizeable advantage between them and the relegation zone. A six-point gap exists between Millwall and Barnsley at this stage in the campaign. Barnsley have been totally looking towards improving the performance of the team through efficient techniques.

Flitcroft said after the encounter that Wiseman is extremely disappointed with the result. The defender played the heaviest price for having kept his body position wrong as the cross came in. He has said that Wiseman should put this incident behind him and focus on being the excellent defender that he has been so far for the club. Barnsley have taken just 11 points from the 16 matches so far.

“He’s a team man, he’s a team player and he loves playing for Barnsley. He’s absolutely devastated. He got his body position wrong and he’s paid the ultimate price for it. It’s a terrible goal to concede. He’s had some bad moments at the football club but Scott will recover from that, no problem. And that’s up to us on Monday to all get around Scott and make sure that he moves forward,” said the manager.

Barnsley have managed just two victories all season long.