The manager of Barnsley, Danny Wilson, is gutted by the fact that his team’s match against Charlton which was scheduled to take place on Saturday got postponed.

The 54 years old Englishman is still looking for his first win as Barnsley boss. He was hoping to open his winning account at Charlton, but, the poor pitch conditions didn’t let him do so. After a late inspection, the referee decided that the match would be postponed which left the fans as well as Wilson in utter disappointment.

According to Wilson, the referee is not at fault. It’s his responsibility to consider the safety of the players, but, the fans and the management of the two teams should have been given the prior information that this could happen.

Talking to the reporters after the official announcement being made, the Tykes boss said, “A large no. of supporters had turned up and it would have cost them a considerable amount of bucks to make their way here. There must have been prior information that the match could be postponed.”

“When these sorts of things happen, you do feel frustrated, but, again, as a manager or as a player, you can’t do anything.”

“Honestly speaking, I had expected the game to take place because there are good pitch protection facilities available here. But, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case to be. I can understand referee’s decision though. You don’t want the players to get injured because of the condition of the pitch.”

After taking charge at Oakwell a few weeks back, Wilson has so far managed 5 matches. The Tykes have secured just 3 points out of those 5 matches with the help of three draws.

Barnsley’s next match is a championship encounter against Blackpool FC next Saturday.