Barnsley director Don Rowing has said that the club is extremely confident that manager David Flitcroft will agree to a new deal with the club. After the departure of Keith Hill a few months ago, Flitcroft was appointed as the manager. The 39-year-old has done an extremely good job with the club, as he has been able to get them to safety in the Championship. He was the manager of the club for a total of 21 matches in the league this season. He managed to get the club to 9 victories in these matches.

The draw with Huddersfield town during the weekend saw them secure their status as the Championship club for next season. This seemed extremely unlikely before the arrival of Flitcroft, as the team was fast sliding down the table. Rowing has said that he expects Flitcroft to accept the offer of a new deal from the club, and that he will be extremely disappointed if it was not the case. The club are going to make several changes to the squad over the summer and they have already announced that players like Stephen Foster, Rob Edwards, and John Rooney will be released from the club at the end of the season.

“He’s spoken with us and hopefully it won’t be too long until he puts pen to paper. It takes time to get these contracts together and there are other issues we have to address. I think a fortnight would be a realistic timeframe. He knows what he wants and he’s already said that he wants to keep the bulk of the team together, someone who didn’t want the job wouldn’t do that. I would be very disappointed if he did not take the job,” said Rowing to the BBC. The club have also announced new deals for some of their players as well.