As the season approaches its climax, there have been suggestions that Barnsley boss Danny Wilson is already looking forward to the next season. It is expected that the club will make major changes to the playing squad in order to avoid a relegation dogfight once again.

The club are almost certain to be relegated this season, as they are languishing in the 23rd place with only a few matches remaining in the season. Since relegation is almost certain, Wilson has made looking at several players in order to purchase in the summer.

It is expected that a number of current players will be leaving the club since they are either out of contract or on high wages, which will be unsustainable in the League One. Some of the players will also be looking to stay in the championship and Wilson will find it hard to persuade them to stay at the club.

Despite this prospect, the manager has said that he is not planning to overhaul the squad. He also admits that he has yet to think about plans for the new season. Barnsley will undoubtedly be one of the favourites to get promoted back to the second division of English football, but Wilson admits that it will be easier said than done.

“I’m really not trying to think about next season to be honest. But of course I want to play the highest level I can” he told the pays bas australie cote website.

“I want to be looking up rather than looking down. You just do your best at the end of the day and I feel like I can be proud of what I’ve achieved this season. There’s some people who know they’ve not performed at their best, but I know I couldn’t have given any more,” said Wilson. The club have lost all the last three matches.