25 replies on “Bradford City vs Crawley Town 1-2 FIGHT !! 5 RED CARDS after MACH !”

  1. actually the point is to break the line and therefore avoid running into players, you’d know all about avoiding contact because of your ‘sport’

  2. I’ll watch rugby league if I want to be bored to death by a load of muscle-men running into each other, cheers

  3. actually, it is probably the best strategy. He manages to punch someone in the face and then walk away without incurring damage to his own face. Honour is but an arbitrary construction whereas an elbow to the teeth is material and fucking hurts

  4. The black player wearing no.28 throws the first punch then backs away the fucking chicken shit. Don’t start what you can’t finish, CUNT!!!

  5. your keeper is an ass wipe. i would quite happily beat the shit outta him. dont mess with crawley they have black men

  6. that was great! reminded me of similar punch ups that only happen in south america etc…..who said the lower leagues were boring?

  7. Hahaha your keeper didn’t have to get involved, he threw a pussy punch and got banged. Nuff.

  8. fuck off, Crawley were cheating right from the off i mean worse than Leeds and Huddersfield which takes some doing, Also they started and ganged up on our keeper they deserved every punch

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