Barnsley Decides To Keep Tom Bradshaw

The assistant manager of Barnsley Andreas Winkler recently admitted that the target for transfer Conor Chaplin may not happen. Coventry City has also shown keen interest in the striker and so have the Reds been trying throughout the summer. However, it may be that the movement may not take place as per Winkler as he spoke at the pre-match press conference recently. Chaplin has been the name chosen for singing before others came into the scenario. However, if there is some moment taking place, it will be indeed a surprise for Winkler as there is no certainty as yet.

Winker stressed on Tom Bradshaw, the forward who is always happy being in the club regardless of constant keenness shown from Millwall. During the final year of the contract of Bradshaw Winkler said that he is not the CEO and there is no assurance that he can give. He sees him daily and has noticed that he does have a friendly nature and doing very well in training. Hence, it does not seem like he would be keen to move. As of now, the club has no plans to transfer anyone as they are quite content with the current squad.

Winkler also said that the club foresees a great future for Jordan Williams, the new defender who has been signed for the club. He is a teenager who has agreed to sign a 4 year contract post his movement to the Reds for a fee that’s not been disclosed. The assistant manager of the Reds said that he is a fast player and has the best potential to perform at high level leagues. He perfectly fits into their plans. Gerry McDonagh, the Nottingham Forest forward would be a part of the development team of Barnsley. McDonagh has earlier played for Forest and also worked for a short span of time at Tranmere Rovers and Cambridge United.